An uncontested divorce arises when both spouses agree to end the marriage, agree (or anticipate to soon/easily agree) to the terms of the divorce and want to avoid a long court battle. Instead of turning to a judge to make decisions regarding child custody and support, division of property, and spousal support, the individuals reach agreements […]

Many victims of domestic abuse may feel desperate and hopeless regarding such a tough predicament, but the law does provide remedies for handling the situation. Orders of protection exist to prevent the violence from continuing, with very severe penalties if an abuser violates the terms. Due to the sensitive nature of the circumstances, it’s wise […]

As a parent with custody of minor children after your judgment has been entered, you might think that your legal rights extend to moving them if circumstances warrant. It’s common to relocate for a job, to be closer to other family, or for purposes of a relationship. However, being awarded custody doesn’t give you unlimited […]

If you suffered injuries in a car accident, the aftermath and recovery can be horrific. You’re likely in a great deal of pain and may be unable to work, adding additional stress to already difficult times. Plus, the responsible party’s insurer may be contacting you with offers to compensate you for your losses, which can […]

If you’re considering divorce and are hoping to avoid the stress-inducing, time-consuming, expensive process of going to trial, an uncontested divorce in Missouri may be a tempting option for you. While the appeal of this proceeding is understandable, there are certain qualifications you and your spouse must meet in order to take advantage of this […]

Regardless of trends in decriminalizing certain substances in many states, possession of a controlled substance still carries hefty penalties in Missouri. Felony or misdemeanor charges may result in jail time, fines, and other consequences; plus, a conviction for violating the state’s drug laws can impact your personal life as well. You should always consult with […]

Any motorist in Missouri should be aware of the state’s “implied consent” law, as it impacts anyone who is pulled over if a police officer suspects usage of drugs or alcohol by a vehicle’s driver. You might wonder how you could consent to something without your knowledge and have other questions about how the implied […]

If you’re arrested for drunk driving in Missouri, the incident triggers two separate legal proceedings. One is criminal in nature because driving while intoxicated is against the law; the other is an administrative proceeding and deals with your driving privileges through the Department of Revenue (DOR). While you should always consult with an experienced DUI […]

Divorce, (known as the dissolution of marriage in Missouri) and legal separation is never an easy process. However, a divorce may be particularly difficult for the spouse that lacks the financial means to adequately care for themselves without the financial support of their former spouse. The State of Missouri recognizes that in certain circumstances, the […]

Determining child custody after the dissolution of your marriage or the end of your relationship may be a main source of dispute. When ex-spouses or ex-partners cannot come to a harmonious parenting agreement on their own or through mediation, a Missouri court will step in and make the determination for them. There are many factors […]