Representing Men and Women in Divorce Cases Since 1988

No two divorces are ever the same as each one deals with unique individuals and family situations. This makes it extremely important to work with an experienced divorce attorney who handles cases across the spectrum, ranging from uncontested divorce to tough courtroom battles. At the law firm of Larry S. Buccero, L.L.C. in Kansas City, Missouri, we work closely with clients to protect their interests as they go through divorce. Attorney Larry S. Buccero has more than 20 years of family law and divorce experience, and is ready to handle whatever your case may bring.

We want to help you get through the divorce process as quickly and painlessly as possible. To arrange a consultation, contact us today by calling 816-533-7695 or toll free 866-621-1549.

Helping You Achieve Realistic Results in Your Divorce

With issues such as asset protection in play, divorce transforms from an emotional relationship to a business relationship. This requires the ability to make decisions on the basis of common sense rather than the many emotions you are feeling. We understand how important this is, and Larry S. Buccero will work with you every step of the way to achieve legal solutions that protect your interests. You can rely on our firm to help you answer the important questions you may have about divorce and work towards a solution that will help you move forward to where you want to be in the coming years.

Our Experience Gives Us an Edge in Divorce Proceedings

In most divorces, we try to resolve issues through negotiation. This is more cost-efficient, both financially and emotionally. Just as important, it leaves the resolution in the hands of those who are affected by it, not to the whims of a judge. If your case involves litigation over contentious issues like child custody and marital property division, we are willing to go to trial if necessary. Mr. Buccero’s experience as a prosecutor gives him an edge in those situations. In addition to our own experience and resources, we understand how important it can be to hire expert witnesses to bolster your case, including certified public accountants, business valuation specialists and appraisers. We will do what it takes in order to achieve results you are comfortable with.

We Have Been In Your Shoes

Our firm understands how tough going through a divorce can be. Lawyer Larry S. Buccero has gone through a divorce himself and is committed to helping you deal with these issues and protect the welfare of your children. In order to start the divorce process, we will need to meet with you and learn the specifics of your case. Contact us online or call 816-533-7695 today to schedule a consultation.