Child Custody

Attorney VanFleet prevailed in appeal, where the Opposing Party requested to increase an award of maintenance, increase an award of attorney fees, and reduce the Mother's obligation to transport the children to Father for his parenting time despite her relocation of the children out of state.

Successful Appeal

Criminal Defense

Criminal Charges

The client had 2 separate criminal charges of possession with intent to distribute. Attorney Buccero negotiated a plea for the client to enter into a treatment program, in lieu of jail time where upon successful completion the charges would be dismissed. The client remains drug-free

Successful Plea Deal

DUI Arrest

Attorney Buccero reviewed the consumption and circumstances of an arrest for an alleged DWI. He was successful in the submission and use of expert toxicology reports to prove that the driver was actually below the legal limit at the time of the traffic stop, which resulted in winning the administrative hearing and the driver's license being returned.

Proved Driver Was Below Legal Limit

Criminal Charges

The client had multiple criminal charges pending across 5 circuit courts for unlawful business practices. Our firm successfully convinced the prosecuting attorney, to agree to a plea of probation in all 5 courts, as opposed to serving a sentence in the Missouri Department of Corrections), and successfully got the plea approved by the judges.

Successful Plea Deal

Family Law

Child Custody Case

Prevailed in a custody case where a Mother, who concealed the child from Father since the child's birth, absconded with the young child to Florida for many months. Our firm assisted Father in gaining enforceable court orders to locate and return the child to Missouri. After a 3-day custody trial, our client (Father) was awarded custody of the child, to remain in Missouri.

Won Custody for Client

Accused of Child Abuse

Attorney VanFleet navigated the complex administrative procedures wherein a Father was wrongly accused of abuse of his daughter by the child's Mother (during a contested custody battle). After attending a formal hearing in Jefferson City, Attorney VanFleet prevailed, preventing any abuse or neglect findings against a Father.

Successful Not-Guilty Verdict