Highly Recommend

Each of my kids ended up getting a speeding ticket and based on a recommendation I got in contact with Larry. He took all of the info and told us what each ticket would cost and got them down to non-moving violations without either kid having to go to court. Larry was great. Now each kid is out of some cash and hopefully learned what it will cost if they a speeding again!


Very Knowledgeable & Professional

Wow. I don't know what to say or how many good things I can say about this law office. Larry is on top of his game, and has amazing people that work for him. Lindsey VanFleet is so knowledgeable about family law. Any problem that arose she was one step ahead of it, and even in our 11th hour, she was texting with us giving advice and reassuring us she was confident in the outcome of our case. She was 100% right, we got everything we hoped for, and the kids involved did too. They really work so hard and care about their clients. A million thanks will never do, for the diligence your firm provides. I highly recommend The Law Offices of Larry Buccero, they are so very on top of the game.

-Melissa R.

Amazing Service

Amazing service. Very satisfied with everything they helped me with.

-Matt H.

The Very Best

Mrs. Van Fleet is the best lawyer I've ever had! She is completely upfront, honest, informative, and able to express her professional opinion in a way all can understand. She is always a step ahead of everyone in each case. I have worked with her for years with many cases, and anytime I hear someone is in need of a great lawyer, I always refer them to her. I owe her so much in this world because of her dedication to helping with my custody battle. You will seriously be making the best decision by hiring her as your legal counsel. Don't take second best in Kansas City, call her today!!


Honest & Communicative

My needs and the needs of my children were represented to our benefit through aggressive and comprehensive negotiations. Lindsey's experience, diligence, and established business relationships created a positive outcome for me and my children. Lindsey responded quickly and honestly to my questions and kept an open line of communication. Should I need services like this in the future, I will hire Lindsey to represent me.


Excellent Service

Lindsey Van Fleet is an excellent lawyer. She is incredibly knowledgeable about family law, but more importantly, she made me feel a lot better about the whole process. She struck the right balance between compassion and logical reason. She helped me get the best possible outcome from this sad situation. I would recommend Lindsey to anyone going through a child custody case.