Child Custody / Modification

Kansas City, Missouri, Child Custody & Modification Lawyer

If you are a parent going through a divorce, it is extremely important to have an attorney on your side who will be a strong advocate for your parental rights. At the law firm of Larry S. Buccero, L.L.C., we can provide you with the skilled representation and straightforward legal advice you need to achieve your goals and make the legal process as quick and painless as possible.

The Representation You Need From an Attorney You Can Trust

Larry S. Buccero, our firm’s accomplished family law attorney, has handled child custody and modification cases for more than 20 years in the Kansas City Metro Area. As someone who has gone through these issues personally, he can empathize with what you are currently dealing with legally and emotionally.

You deserve to be a part of your child’s life. To discuss your child custody options with experienced family law attorney Larry S. Buccero, contact our firm today to arrange a consultation.

Looking Out for the Best Interest of Your Children

In custody, visitation and modification cases, the “best interest of the child” forms the foundation for every decision we make. In far too many divorce cases, children are used as leverage, with parents losing sight of the fact that the welfare of their children should come first. Our firm is committed to focusing on doing everything we can to help parents do what is right for their children. Whenever possible, we prefer to negotiate an agreement that both parents can agree to. If this is not possible, the next step is mandatory mediation. If your case requires mediation, we will fully prepare you for the process and make sure you are working with a mediator you can trust to represent the best interest of your child.

Has Your Situation Changed? Are You Relocating?

If you or your ex-spouse has experienced a substantial change in circumstances, or in cases involving parental relocation, Mr. Buccero’s experience is an asset. He will clearly explain all the issues involved in modifying your divorce decree, child support and child custody arrangements, as well as the potential costs, so you can make a sound decision about whether going to trial makes sense for you. To learn more about your legal options in custody and modification cases, call 816-533-7695, toll free 866-621-1549 or contact us online.